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A Word From Ruth, Victory Lady Fitness Centers Group Exercise Director

June is right around the corner and we are busy than ever in the Group Ex Department!!  As the Biggest Loser program gets off and running on June 7th, you will see that throughout the next 12 weeks we will be providing certain classes on the schedule to help support the competitors throughout the summer, and of course, even those not competing!!
June is “weight training and core focus month” for the Biggest Loser competitors, so we hope that folks are scheduling their weeks to include classes like “BodyWorks”, “Long&Lean”, “Core and GlideCore” as they are standard “weight training/core” workouts to attend.  Other cool related classes that provide focus on weight training and core strength are “Cardio-Sculpt”, “Step & Glide”, “Step & Sculpt”, “K-box & Sculpt”, and a new class called “Guns & Buns”!! 
Guns & Buns is geared towards “All Levels” of participants.  If you do not have a lot of time but need to make sure you get some resistance work in, then this class for you! In this 30 minute class, the Instructor will take you through a number of strength focused exercises targeting your major muscle groups in your upper body (i.e. your “guns”)  as well as those in your lower body (i.e. your buns will feel it too!!). 
One more “oldie but goodie” class we’d like to point your attention to that is back on the schedule some in June is “Flexigility”.  This class is awesome for everyone…not just Biggest Loser competitors!  Flexigility provided focus on several important aspects of fitness in a very different and very dynamic way.  Participants will perform various “drills” and exercises from one end of the floor to the other (Squatters beware…you WILL NOT be standing in your favorite spot in this class!).  The exercises focus on improving your “flexibility” and “agility” (hence the title “Flexigility”).  The “different” format this class provides is what makes it so fun and effective.  Be sure to attend!!
Hope you have a great month, and remember to keep your workout schedules consistent and balanced with weight training, cardio, and flexibility training!   Ruth

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