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Babes Bitchin Bootcamp!

New FontBabes Bitchin Bootcamp will go on Sale September 15th!
Not Sure if you want to Bootcamp with us? Join us Sunday September 24th 2:00PM, we will run a “Come Check Our Bootcamp Workout Out with Ruth & Wendy” at Westend VL
for Only $5.00. Everybody is invited to our kick-off Bootcamp Sunday September 24th, pay and sign up at the Westend Victory Lady Fitness or call 965-9741.
After the workout – you can decide to enroll for the REAL Babes Bitch Bootcamp!
All BBBCamps start at 2:00PM
Sunday September 24th – Workout: General Conditioning introductory Bootcamp – Exercise Stations. Try out our bootcamp for only $5.00 to see if you want to spend four Sunday’s with us rockin’ & cool girls!
Sunday October 8th – Workout: HIIT-ORAMA – Many different timed HIIT Training.
Learn your boundaries with trained professionals!
Sunday October 15th – Workout: CARDIO/CORE PARTY – Continual Steady State Cardio with a Dynamic Core Finisher.
Sunday October 22nd – Workout: STRONG-STRENGTH-LENGTH – Learn the benefits of Strength Training through Sets & Reps with Length for Flexibility and injury prevention.
Sunday October 29th – Workout: FINALE FITNESS FINISHER BOOTCAMP & FITNESS GAMES – Pull together the fitness formats over the last 3 weeks. Fitness Games for fitness fun to finish it off! We are now a fitness village!
Dates:: Westend Workouts Sunday October 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th 
Begins: 2:00pm – All Fitness Levels, we want YOU!
Location: Westend Victory Lady Fitness Centers
Limited to 30 Participants – COST: $39.00
Limited Number of Babes Bitchin Bootcamp T-Shirts Available for Sale
at the time of Babes Bitchin Bootcamp Purchase for only $12.00.
These Limited T-shirts are available to Bootcamp participants first and will go on sale starting September 15th.
Babes Bitchin Bootcamp shirt blue
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