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Another Happy Member at Victory Lady Fitness!

When I was younger, I hated exercising. I hated everything about it. Whatever excuses I had I tried to get out of it. I had too much homework. I didn’t get enough sleep. I have 2 exams tomorrow….etc. That all changed in February 2014 when I joined Victory Lady Fitness Center. Never would I could have imagined myself looking forward to going to the gym as much as I do today.

Fast forward to end of 2013 and I had began exercising on my own for a little while. I tried out Anytime Fitness but hated it. I loved going to the Zumba class offered by my employer every Thursday after work to Children’s Hospital on  Brook road. That is how I fell in love with Zumba. I would pull up Jillian Michael videos on YouTube on TV and break into a sweat. 

 I’ve actually never heard of Victory Lady Fitness before until a few of my friends mentioned it. I only knew the big names like AmFam so I just naturally assumed it was going to be expensive. Boy, was I wrong! I signed up and immediately fell in love. I just wish I had found out about VL earlier. It is a judgement free place and their motto is “Fitness Is Fun”.  I was living it and breathing it. I planned my work schedule around my workouts. Occasionally I would go there twice in one day. Being a Victory Lady member changed my life. Being there sparked a flame in me that I didn’t realize I still had. It made me realize I am stronger than I give myself credit for. It made me feel like I belonged without judgement. It made me feel like I have a support system there that I never had at home when I was younger.  Being there made me feel like I deserve to be happy and healthy.  


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