Golly Day we made it to FRI-YAY!

OH Yes it’s Friday!! Today is a day of #kindness
8:30AM BodyWorks – Wendy
10AM SGT Small Group Training – Wendy
5:45PM Happy Hour BootCamp “Sponsored by Total Wine” Flea 

Thursday is a GREAT Day to Workout!

Thursday is a great day to workout! Well every day is!
Come in and try a class or any workout for FREE if you aren’t a member 

6am Boot Camp – Goldie
8:30 Chair Yoga – Hilary
5:45pm Zumba! Nicole
5:45pmm & 6:15 SGT (Small Group Training) Brittany

Wonderful Wednesday

What a GREAT DAY for a Victory Lady Fitness Workout! Tell/Share with a friend! 👟🥳😉🌞
Wednesday, January 8
6am Diva Workout-Donna
8:30am Tabata Intervals ALL Levels-Heather
10am TRX/SGT-Wendy
12:15pm Pilates Fusion-Ginger
5:30pm Interval Training Step-Dorothy
5:45pm SGT-Heather
6:15pm Body Works-Dorothy
6:15pm SGT-Heather — 

Taco Tuesday’s!

Many chances to get your fitness fix in today!
Tuesday, January 7
8:30am Gentle Yoga-Hilary
10am 60s+-Kathleen
5:45pm Live, Love, & Dance-Kemel
5:45pm SGT (Small Group Training)-Kelly
6:15pm SGT-(Small Group Training)-Kelly
6:30pm Chair Fitness-Wendy

Mondays are always FUN at Victory Lady Fitness!

So much to do at Victory Lady Fitness on Monday! Grab a Friend – Let’s Go! First workout is FREE! Come check us out ❤️🎈
Monday, January 6
6am Diva Workout-Donna
8:30am Yin Yoga-Billie
10am TRX/SGT-Kathleen
12:15pm Yoga-Ginger
4:30pm Body Works-Wendy
5:45pm Pound-Heather
5:45pm TRX/SGT-Lynda
6:15pm TRX/SGT-Lynda
6:30pm Step-Dorothy