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Vice President

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Founder & CEO

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Brittany's fitness background is in dance! She started taking tap and jazz dance lessons when she was 8 and continued to dance competitively through college. These days, her favorite fitness activities include rowing, weightlifting, and CrossFit!

Brittany is originally from Ohio, but moved to Richmond in 2017 to accept her current day job as a policy analyst for the state government. When she's not at work or the gym, Brittany enjoys reading and baking new recipes for her friends. Brittany can't wait to meet everyone and help spark your passion for fitness! The style of my class will fall under "Boot Camp & Small Group Training," and will incorporate work with TRX, assault bikes, and rowers.


Kathleen Thompson

My name is Kathleen Thompson. I am a Certified Personal Trainer for woman over 50 with academic degrees in Rehabilitation and Gerontology.

As a woman over 50 myself, I understand that we often experience decreased metabolism, loss of muscle mass, and decreased bone density. My goal is to help you reach your optimal level of fitness, whether you are new to exercise or recovering from an illness or injury.

I am so excited to be rejoining the Victory Lady team providing personal training, small group Functional Fitness and TRX instruction.



Felicia has been with VL for over 20 years. She has a passion for fitness and wants to help everyone reach their goals. With 3 kids and a full time teaching job, she knows how important it is to take time for your workouts. She will be teaching HIIT and boot camp style classes to improve your cardio and strength.



Lynda was a member at Victory Lady Fitness for years before she became an Instructor at VL. She is very passionate about fitness for herself and others. She digs deep and works hard to achieve her goals, she'll demand the same from you! She will be a coach in Small Group Training (SGT) at Victory Lady Fitness 3-4 times a week.



Diva Donna wandered into Victory Lady in 2008 looking for a part time job. Little did she know she would fall in love with the extraordinary women committed to improving their lives through fitness. Donna has missed her VL team and her morning ladies and is looking forward to getting her VL girls pumped with diva workouts!



Billie taught yoga for Victory Lady before. Billie has been practicing off and yoga since she was 19. While certified in many different traditions of yoga she really loves teaching Yin yoga. She teaches many outreach programs in jails, crisis units and domestic violence shelters. She loves spending time with her husband when not teaching. Billie will teach Yin Yoga on Mondays at 8:30am come the New Year, New Victory Lady Fitness


Kemel Patton

Everybody knows my friend Kemel Patton the Line Dance King! Kemel has jumped on board with Victory Lady Fitness to once again teach Line Dancing!



Natasha worked for Victory Lady Fitness before as a Fitness Coach. Every member she trained loved her! Natasha will be in on Monday's from 6-8pm and Saturday's 10-12 for open fitness coaching!



"I'm so excited to be a part of the Victory Lady team. I've been teaching fitness classes in the Richmond area for 8 years with my teaching career beginning 20 years ago. My practice started as a child for both Yoga and Martial Arts. My roots are in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga getting certified through NESTA, Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Federation. I hold a 5th degree black belt in both Taekwondo and Hapkido. I've continued my teacher training in Yoga, Foam Roller, Pilates and other fitness classes as my love for making a healthy lifestyle fun drives me to better serve you.
With years of teaching experience under my belt, I'm prepared to guide you safely through your practice with emphasis on alignment, open hearts, and learning to listen to Your Own Inner Wisdom. My joy is teaching and becoming a part of your journey as you grow, find freedom in your form and learn to use movement as a celebration of life.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
Peace above, peace bellow, peace all around"