Golly Day we made it to FRI-YAY!

OH Yes it’s Friday!! Today is a day of #kindness
8:30AM BodyWorks – Wendy
10AM SGT Small Group Training – Wendy
5:45PM Happy Hour BootCamp “Sponsored by Total Wine” Flea 

Thursday is a GREAT Day to Workout!

Thursday is a great day to workout! Well every day is!
Come in and try a class or any workout for FREE if you aren’t a member 

6am Boot Camp – Goldie
8:30 Chair Yoga – Hilary
5:45pm Zumba! Nicole
5:45pmm & 6:15 SGT (Small Group Training) Brittany

Wonderful Wednesday

What a GREAT DAY for a Victory Lady Fitness Workout! Tell/Share with a friend! 👟🥳😉🌞
Wednesday, January 8
6am Diva Workout-Donna
8:30am Tabata Intervals ALL Levels-Heather
10am TRX/SGT-Wendy
12:15pm Pilates Fusion-Ginger
5:30pm Interval Training Step-Dorothy
5:45pm SGT-Heather
6:15pm Body Works-Dorothy
6:15pm SGT-Heather — 

Taco Tuesday’s!

Many chances to get your fitness fix in today!
Tuesday, January 7
8:30am Gentle Yoga-Hilary
10am 60s+-Kathleen
5:45pm Live, Love, & Dance-Kemel
5:45pm SGT (Small Group Training)-Kelly
6:15pm SGT-(Small Group Training)-Kelly
6:30pm Chair Fitness-Wendy

Mondays are always FUN at Victory Lady Fitness!

So much to do at Victory Lady Fitness on Monday! Grab a Friend – Let’s Go! First workout is FREE! Come check us out ❤️🎈
Monday, January 6
6am Diva Workout-Donna
8:30am Yin Yoga-Billie
10am TRX/SGT-Kathleen
12:15pm Yoga-Ginger
4:30pm Body Works-Wendy
5:45pm Pound-Heather
5:45pm TRX/SGT-Lynda
6:15pm TRX/SGT-Lynda
6:30pm Step-Dorothy

Victory Lady Fitness Richmond

Zumba Group Exercise Instructor Nicole

Nicole at Victory Lady FItness Richmond

Say hi to Nicole! Nicole has been a Faithful Victory Lady Fitness member for many years. Nicole is coming on board Team Victory Lady to become your Zumba Group Exercise Instructor! We are excited and so is she! Yahoo! We are pulling together an awesome Team for you!

Small Group Training Classes at Victory Lady Fitness

Small Group Training Classes at Victory Lady Fitness

Small Group Training Classes at Victory Lady Fitness

I would like to introduce you to someone, if you don’t already know her, Kelly Long. Kelly has been a member of Victory Lady Fitness for many many years! She is one of the biggest Cheerleaders for Victory Lady. She is the most positive person you will ever meet! Heather and I (Wendy) love her (and many others too)!

Kelly is married to Tony (an awesome guy) and is blessed to have 2 wonderful boys. She has recently retired from FedEx after 30+ years with them. She’s on a permanent vacation and loving life and life loves her back!

Well, I grabbed Kelly and said you would be perfect at teaching small group classes for Victory Lady! She said “Oh-No!”, I’m retired! I worked on her and so did her incredibly smart husband, Tony. She said Y-E-S! Yes, to Victory Lady Fitness! Kelly will teach a couple Small Group Training Classes at Victory Lady Fitness a week, come the new year and Heather and I couldn’t be more thrilled! She will motivate you and make you work to your potential. Please give Kelly a Ya-hoo Welcome!

Small Group Training Classes at Victory Lady Fitness