Saturday, February 22

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Come Join Us Today for Some Great Workout!
8:15am TRX/SGT-Coach Wendy
9am Pound-Heather
10am Chair Fit 4 Everyone! Wendy
10:45am Beginner Step-Felicia
11:30am TRX – Wendy
12pm Mommy & Me POUND & Stretch-Heather

Get up, get out! Make it happen! Wednesday, February 19

6am Diva Workout-Donna ✌️
8:30am Tabata Intervals ALL Levels-Heather 😍
10am TRX Suspension Training!- Coach Wendy 🎯
12:15pm Pilates Fusion-Ginger 🧘‍♀️
5:45pm Interval Training Step-Dorothy 💪
5:45pm SGT-Coach Heather 🤩
6:30pm REFIT with DeAndra 💃
6:30pm ABS & Rear Work!-Coach Heather 👙

If you are off today come in and get your workout in! Lots of Fitness Options to choose from at Victory Lady!

Always Better with a Buddy!
First Workout is always FREE!
Monday, February 17
6am Diva Workout-Donna 🤩
8:30am Yin Yoga-Billie 🧘‍♀️
10am Beginner TRX/SGT-Coach Kathleen 💪
12:15pm Yoga-Ginger 🧘‍♀️
4:45pm Body Works-Wendy ☮️
5:30-7:30 FREE Fitness Training with Natasha! 🏋️‍♀️
5:45pm Body Blast with TRX-Coach Lynda ✌️
5:45pm Pound-Heather 🥁
6:30pm Step-Dorothy 👟